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Thin Stone Thin Stone Thin Stone

By jdsizemore

On 04, Feb 2013 | In | By jdsizemore

Thin Stone

Why use an artificial stone product when you can have the real, beauty of our natural thin veneers? Our natural thin stone veneer doesn’t weather over time like artificial stone, and each piece is designed by nature, not a poured concrete mold.

We can produce veneers between 1” and 1¼” thick.

Color Ranges

Crab Orchard

Building Stone - Silvara Stone

What we’re known for. The full range of natural Crab Orchard colors are represented here.


Building Stone - Silvara Stone

From subtle, light grays to bold, dark grays, with some brown tones for color.

Brown & Tan

Building Stone - Silvara Stone

The perfect balance of earth tones.

Thin Stone Veneer Styles

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill - Silvara Stone

Brown Chestnut Hill - Silvara Stone

Brown Chestnut Hill - Silvara Stone

  • Exposed to display natural stone character
  • 4” bed depth or 1 ¼” veneer
  • Random heights from 2” to 8”


Westchester Castle Rock

Gray Westchester Castle Rock - Silvara Stone

Silvara Stone

Westchester Castle Rock Chimney - Silvara Stone

  • Displays natural (or seam) face with 4 snapped edges
  • Random ashlar pattern
  • Comes in 2” to 3” thickness, 3” to 5” thickness or 1 ¼” thin veneer



Ashlar Stonehenge - Silvara Stone

Stonehenge Mosaic - Silvara Stone

Mosaic Stonehenge - Silvara Stone

  • Popular, rustic look
  • Lots of character
  • Numerous blends to suit your style


Cumberland Blend

Cumberland Blend - Silvara Stone

Cumberland Blend Fireplace - Silvara Stone

Cumberland Blend - Silvara Stone

  • Unlimited looks
  • Numerous styles to suit your needs
  • Only limit is your imagination

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