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Fieldstone Fieldstone Fieldstone

By jdsizemore

On 04, Feb 2013 | In | By jdsizemore


Enjoy the distinct and rustic look of our Tennessee Fieldstone.

The darker earth tones of black, gray, brown and buff blend with almost any color pattern. You can choose from Fieldstone Boulders of all sizes, Fieldstone Stack, Cap Rock and a wide variety of veneer blends.

Fieldstone Boulders

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Beautiful accents for any landscape and hardscape application

We carry smaller, one-two man or garden Fieldstone Boulders, as well as medium and larger sized Fieldstone Boulders.

Fieldstone Stack

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Perfect for borders, accents, veneers and planters

Our Fieldstone Stack comes in three heights:

1″ to 2″ height

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Thin Fieldstone Stack

2″ to 4″ height

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Medium Fieldstone Stack

4″ to 7″ height

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Thick Fieldstone Stack

Fieldstone Veneer

Displays the natural face of the stone and is perfect for a weathered, rustic look

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone Ashlar

Fieldstone Fireplace - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone Medium Veneer

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