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Building Stone Building Stone - Silvara Stone Cumberland Blend - Silvara Stone

By jdsizemore

On 04, Feb 2013 | In | By jdsizemore

Building Stone

With unmatched beauty and character, Silvara Stone offers the finest in both quality and variety. We offer a multitude of blends and patterns to suit your needs, tastes and budget.

We can produce a full thickness veneer (3” to 5”) or a thin veneer (1” to 1¼”).

Color Ranges

Crab Orchard

Building Stone - Silvara Stone

What we’re known for. The full range of natural Crab Orchard colors are represented here.


Building Stone - Silvara Stone

From subtle, light grays to bold, dark grays, with some brown tones for color.

Brown & Tan

Building Stone - Silvara Stone

The perfect balance of earth tones.

Stone Styles

Strip Rubble

Strip Rubble Stack - Silvara Stone

Strip Rubble - Silvara Stone


  • Exposed to display natural stone character
  • 4” bed depth or 1 ¼” veneer
  • Random heights from 2” to 8”

Castle Rock

Castle Rock - Silvara Stone

Irregular Castle Rock - Silvara Stone

Gray Castle Rock - Silvara Stone

  • Displays natural (or seam) face with 4 snapped edges
  • Random ashlar pattern
  • Comes in 2” to 3” thickness, 3” to 5” thickness or 1 ¼” thin veneer


Medium Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

Fieldstone - Silvara Stone

  • Popular, rustic look
  • Lots of character
  • Numerous blends to suit your style

Webb Wall

Webb Wall - Silvara Stone

Tumbled Webb Wall - Silvara Stone

Webb Wall - Silvara Stone

  • Random, irregular flagstone
  • Perfect for vertical applications
  • Thickness ranges from 3” to 5”


Cumberland Blend - Silvara Stone

Cumberland Blend - Building Stone - Silvara Stone

Cumberland Blend Fireplace - Silvara Stone

  • Unlimited looks
  • Numerous styles to suit your needs
  • Only limit is your imagination

Sawed Veneer

Sawed Stone - Silvara Stone

Sawed pavers and radius cap stone - Silvara Stone

Building Wall Stone - Sawed Veneer

  • Beauty of Crab Orchard stone
  • Unmatched character and originality
  • Custom thickness

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