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By jdsizemore

Nashville Play Park

On 01, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Recent Projects | By jdsizemore

Silvara Stone Sawed Pavers and Radius Caps

Silvara Stone Radius Cap Stone

Silvara Stone Sawn Veneer

Metro Parks of Nashville and their architects, Hargreaves Associates, needed a stone that would stand out at their new Park. Our sawed surface stone was selected because of its unmatched beauty, color and character.

Radius cap stone - Silvara Stone

Sawed pavers and radius cap stone - Silvara Stone

Our professional and experienced team of stone cutters were able to fabricate every piece to the specific detail required for the project. Hardaway Construction was the general contractor on the project and Valley Crest Landscape Development did an incredible job with the stone installation.

Sawed pavers, veneer and radius cap stone - Silvara Stone

Sawed veneer with radius, honed and beveled cap stone - Silvara Stone

Silvara Stone was chosen because of our 50+ years of experience with this type of detailed, high profile project. Every Radius, every cut, every angle had to be spot on for this to come together.

Sawed veneer - Silvara Stone

Sawed veneer - Silvara Stone

More than 1500 tons of raw material was quarried and fabricated to complete this project, and more than 10,000 square feet of our Crab Orchard Stone was installed. As you can see, there is nothing in the earth that can match the beauty and character of our sawed Crab Orchard stone.

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