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By jdsizemore

Cumberland Medical Center

On 20, Feb 2014 | One Comment | In Recent Projects | By jdsizemore

Silvara Stone Strip Rubble

Silvara Stone split face

Silvara Stone corners

This state of the art medical facility used our variegated strip rubble as a wainscot-esque featured element around the building as well as at the main entrance.

Silvara Stone split face

Silvara Stone split face

To give the split face texture, each piece was hand-chiseled on site. This also helped achieve the radius around the front entrance. With a color spectrum of darker browns, lighter tans, buffs and pinks, the beauty of Crab Orchard stone transforms the facility into a unique installation.

Silvara Stone tapered columns

Silvara Stone corners

Teton Masonry, our skilled masonry division, laid out columns with three straight sides and tapered back sides, adding an extra dimension to the installation. In addition to the columns, our masonry team had to put 45 degree inside corners between the pane glass windows and hand chisel the radius along the top of the entrance to the facility.

The result is a lasting beauty that will endure for decades to come.


  1. The architect for the design on this building is Tab Baccus with Artech in Chattanooga. Thought his use of your stone for the project was worth mentioning!

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